The Keystone Paralyzed Veterans who ran for re-election to the chapter’s Board of Directors were all elected by the members.  The results were announced at the chapter’s Membership Meeting on 12 August.

Re-elected were (in the photos left to right) Ben Williams, Bill Lightner, and George “Murph” Neelan.  Write-ins were permitted.  Their terms will begin on 01 October 2017 and end 30 September 2020.



Interested in running for the Board next year?
Subject to changes that might be implemented beforehand, the following is what members need to know if they plan to vote and/or if they are considering candidacy next year:

Board positions up for election
Three directors, each for three years until 30 September 2021.

Any “voting member” is eligible to vote and/or run for a seat on the Board as a director or officer.  A “voting member” is a person who has been accepted for membership by virtue of being a United States military veteran and a citizen of the United States with a physician-verified spinal cord dysfunction.  No others are eligible.

Though the chapter and PVA use the term “member,” neither are clubs but are corporations organized not for profit.  Board members have legal obligations known as “fiduciary responsibilities” to oversee the affairs of the chapter according to all federal, state and local laws.  There are no “owners” of the chapter.  The Board members are trustees, administering the chapter for the benefit of all members.

Attendance at Board meetings are the start of the duties.  Keystone PVA’s Board maintains a very impressive attendance record of close to 90 percent, year to year.  These meetings are only for transacting the business of the whole organization.  They are not committee meetings or social events, and they take approximately two hours to complete each month.  Most business items are prepared in advance through committees or by consultation with the Board president or executive director.  One week before the Board meeting, the officers and executive director meet to review items submitted for the Board’s agenda, but they never make any decisions (except those which may need to be ratified by the full Board at its next meeting) nor do they prevent an item of business from appearing on the agenda.  They simply insure that they understand each item.
Most of the chapter’s programs (e.g., advocacy, membership, recreation, and service) are conducted directly by Board members.  All activity by the chapter is authorized by the Board, though the Board delegates that activity to individual Board members and to staff.  Historically, Board members who do nothing more than attend Board meetings do not last.

Election process
The membership officer shall oversee the election process.  The membership officer is Tom Strang.

A member who wishes to serve on the Board must submit a candidacy statement no later than the Friday at the end of the first full business week of June that will be sent out to all voting members with the ballot and will be published in the July-August issue of The Parascope.  The statement should contain your reasons for why you should be elected.  It often includes some biography and some things you would like the chapter to do or continue doing.  You should also submit a head-and-shoulders photo of yourself, or go to the office to have a photo taken.

Your candidacy statement may not be any longer than 400 words.  It will not be used if it is longer; 250 words is a better, more readable length; readers will not be impressed by a lot of words.  Candidates may ask for assistance in writing a statement by the executive director, but the candidate has the final decision on content within the 400 word limit.

The candidacy statement and photo must be finalized and delivered to the chapter office by 07 June 2013, no exceptions.   In the absence of a statement, the name of the candidate and a photo of the candidate, if available, will be used.  The Board will review the slate of candidates to insure that all are members in good standing.

The ballot will be mailed to all voting members by first class mail during the first full business week in July.  Enclosed with the ballot will be all candidacy statements and a return envelope.  For a ballot to be valid:
–It must be marked according to the instructions enclosed.
— It must by returned in the return envelope provided.
–It must be returned to the Keystone PVA office through the
United States Postal Service.
–It must be postmarked no later than 31 July.

All ballots will be tabulated at the chapter office on the Friday before the August Membership Meeting.

The results of the tabulation will be announced on the chapter’s web site,, and in the September-October edition of The Parascope.

Those who receive the highest numbers of votes for director will be notified by the Keystone PVA president during the week following the tabulation.  All terms will take effect on 01 October and will end on 30 September three years later.

All newly elected or re-elected officers and directors shall attend the September Board of Directors meeting to complete required forms.  All newly elected or re-elected officers and directors shall attend the Annual Awards Banquet in early October to take the oath of office.  (Note: Though the oath is ceremonial and all terms of office will take effect at midnight on 01 October with or without it, it is a custom of long standing and value and participation is expected.)

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